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Helpful Hints #3: Night of the Live Stitches

Sorry about the skipped post last week. I have been knitting Christmas stuff already, so my Webkinz patterns are taking a backseat to all that. Next week, I promise I will have a pattern. For now, here’s a helpful hint … Continue reading

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For Mom and Dad – Apron and Vest

Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary, so this post is for them! Here, Topsy and Toby pose as a happily married couple sharing a kiss before dinner. Both patterns are worked on size 8 needles with Impecable brand yarn. … Continue reading

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Meet Carl

For some, the layette is the finishing line on beginning knitting – a sure sign they’re ready to take on intermediate projects as soon as those hand cramps wear off. New births are rare in my family, so I was … Continue reading

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