Meet Carl

For some, the layette is the finishing line on beginning knitting – a sure sign they’re ready to take on intermediate projects as soon as those hand cramps wear off. New births are rare in my family, so I was well into intermediate knitting before I had the chance to make one for my cousin’s baby. Of all times, this new birth happened in July. Traditional layettes include sweaters, blankets, and such, but what do you make for a July baby?

That’s easy, a baseball! I took the pattern from an old Family Circle Easy knitting magazine. Of course, I couldn’t resist making some booties for him to grow into. The bib and burp cloth pattern came from one of my all-time favorite books: Mason-Dixon Knitting.

The “baby” I knitted these things for is now a preschooler – with a new little brother born this month! To make things fair, I had to knit something for the new baby too.

Meet Carl the Crib Critter




The pattern for Carl came out of McCall’s Big Book of Dolls and Soft Toys to Knit and Crochet, a Chilton Needlework volume published back when I was a baby. I would have scanned the picture and pattern but was afraid of breaking the binding on the old book. Besides, I doubt I need to scan it to prove that my bunny doesn’t look anything like the one in the picture. That’s mostly because I didn’t tie strings around the neck and ears to make them look more defined. What would happen if the baby somehow managed to untie them? That’s one excuse. Another is that Carl was my very first stuffed animal. I’ve always wanted to make a turkey, but doubt I’ll have time before Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll just make one of those turkey leg hats. Anybody know a good recipie er, pattern?


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