Snaps are Everything – A Helpful Hint

I wanted to have a new pattern for you this week, but sadly that looks like it will have to wait. I’ve been working on Christmas cards a lot recently and reading, which happens when you work at a library.

Anyway, I will not leave you totally empty-handed for the week. It occurred to me that I’ve failed to mention a crucial aspect of these Webkins patterns: snap technique. If the snaps are not sewn on just right, the garment generally hangs on the animal at an odd angle.

First, I recommend using small snaps, 4/0 or 3/0 at the biggest. On a whole, non-painted metal snaps seem to work best. To attach these, you will need a quilter’s needle. Regular-sized needles just won’t fit through those tiny holes. Sewing the snaps on is not hard; placing them correctly is the trick. Sew one end of the snap to the bottom of the garment where the ribbing is, like so:



Next, bring the snap over to the other side of the garment until the piece fits snugly on the animal.

(Obviously you will have to have the garment on the animal for most of the time, but don’t worry, I haven’t sewn them together yet!) Mark that space on the other side with a pin.

It might be quite a ways in on the garment, but that’s ok. Sew the other half of the snap on the exact spot where you put the pin. Repeat this step until you have about 3 snaps sewn on per garment. The snaps near the neck may have to be set much further in from the snaps on the bottom in order for the garment to fit properly because that is where these Webkinz are slenderest.

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