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Easter Egg Hunt!

My grandma made the crocheted basket and the two plastic canvas eggs. Here’s the pattern for the sweater: Materials: eyelash yarn, vintage Caron Dazzle-aire yarn, and size 10 needles Cast on 30 stitches with eyelash yarn and dazzle held together … Continue reading

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From the Knitting Bag II: Various Gadgets

What else is in here? These two row counters are probably the handiest knitting gadgets I own. They fit rigth on the needdle. This stitch holder is the least handy knitting gadget I own. Since I’ve switched to double pointed … Continue reading

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Webkinz Spring Set

Spring is here early for Topsy Webkinz! Sleeveless Sweater             Tip – For an even edge, slip the first stitch of every row in this pattern             Back:                         Cast on twenty stitches                         Work 1 row knit one purl … Continue reading

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From the Knitting Bag 1: Needles

Instead of posting a pattern every week, I’ve decided to start a new segment called “From the Knitting Bag”, featuring knitting tools and anecdotes. You’ll like it, I promise. My mom bought this bag for me when I first started … Continue reading

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