From the Knitting Bag 1: Needles

Instead of posting a pattern every week, I’ve decided to start a new segment called “From the Knitting Bag”, featuring knitting tools and anecdotes. You’ll like it, I promise.

My mom bought this bag for me when I first started knitting. For all I can tell, someone made it from leftover upolstry fabric. Unique or not, this bag is just the right size to hold knitting needles and an average skein of yarn. It’s held my current projects and gone everywhere with me for about 10 years now.

This looks like a photo album, but . . .

. . . surprise! Pretty clever, huh? I think I got them when a local craft store went out of business. They’re easy to store and hold a lot of needles.

These were my first needles (size 10 1/2).

Knitting needles are cheap, so I quickly amassed a large collection of them. Some of them were secondhand.

I don’t know if it shows up too well here, but these needles were originally red! They had a lot of miles on them before I even bought them.

I bought these needles brand new and did all the damage myself. (Yes, I am proud of that!) One guess what size they are (hint: re-read the first line of most the Webkinz patterns).

Some of the needles I found were long and some were short.

On the left, my smallest needles (size 2) used for making socks and neckties. On the right, my largest needles (size 15) purchased with the intention of making a purse (never got around to that).

These home-made needles have a story behind them too. When I was in 4-H, I learned to knit at the historical re-enactments we participated in every year. The time period we tried to emulate was about 1840 – when peace was shaky and metal was scarce. To be as historically acurate as possible, I made my own wooden needles out of dowel rods. My dad helped me sand them and put those nobs on the ends. The end result was a beautful pair of size 10s that I use frequently in the present day – when peace is shaky and metal is old-hat.

This gadget, a circular needle, is a lifesaver when knitting in tight spaces. You can knit in the round with it to make socks and sleeves, but it also works fine as a subsitiute for two regular needles. No chance of whacking someone else’s arm with one of these. You can’t lose one needle¬†either.

Most of my circular needles were previously enjoyed, but these two were purchased specially for the same project. I bought the purple pair intending to make a backpack purse, but then put it off. Later, when I started the backpack, I forgot about the purple pair and bought the red one. In addition to the backpack, I made an entire afghan with the red pair. This is the purple pair’s first time out of the bag!

This is my only complete pair of double-pointed needles above a size 2. They make good stitch holders, but I’ve never used them for anything else.


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