From the Knitting Bag II: Various Gadgets

What else is in here?

These two row counters are probably the handiest knitting gadgets I own.

They fit rigth on the needdle.

This stitch holder is the least handy knitting gadget I own. Since I’ve switched to double pointed needles for holding stitches that aren’t in use or yet bound off, I never use it.

With these tapestry needles, I can sew things up without splitting the yarn.

Sadly, I was not able to find my pins today. Here’s a shot of them in action. I have a whole bag of these in two colors . . . somewhere.

This is my cable needle, the only one I’ve used since 4-H in high school.

Crochet hooks: for picking up dropped stitches and edging necklines.

These look like components of a Little Tykes tape player, but they’re actually pon-pom makers.

Here’s the boring home-made version, fasioned when I needed a large size.

I used this gauge and needle size check a lot when I first started knitting, but not anymore. It does come in handy when I find used, unmarked needles for a good price.

I don’t think I’ve ever used these glorified pencil erasers that are supposed to fit over the ends of the needle to keep them from poking things/people. They just kept coming off. Someday, I want to get a pair of the fancy plastic kind shaped like little sweaters.

I’m alergic to wool, hence these.


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