A Perfect Fit: The Sweater Fix

This week, I decided to alter one of my own sweaters instead of knitting one for Bengalina.

I found this lovely pink summer sweater for $3 at a second-hand shop. It was a great deal and a perfect fit, but the neckline was stretched out from repeated wear.

Fortunately, floppy necklines are easy enough to fix. I went to a craft store and bought some thread elastic, which is usually in the bead aisle next to the jewelry making tools. My mom lent me a needle with a large eye, and I wove the elastic the elastic through the tiny stitches at the top of the neckline. It took about an hour.

Sorry this picture didn’t turn out better. My camera doesn’t handle close-ups any too well.

See the difference? I also ended up cutting out the tags and the flimsy, built-in cami so I could wear many colors under the sweater. This process works with hats too, or so I’m told.

Have you ever used your knitting prowess to repair or alter a store-bought garment?

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