Knit Gifts: The Lucky Tree Scarf

Several years ago, I made this scarf for my dad for Christmas.

In this photo, the oak leaf shadows make a lucky clover pattern on it.

It’s adapted from an age-old pattern  called the “English Snuggle-fit Scarf.” Don’t think the English will mind where you make it as long as oak trees grow there 😉

Using size 8 needles, cast on 22-24 stitches. Knit 7″ of garter stitch (knit every row)

The following was taken from the original pattern:

“Now begin to make the double band or “tube” through which you slip the end of your scarf. (X), Knit one, leave on the needle, knit one and place on a holder. (X) Repeat between the  (X)’s across the rows until you have 14 [11 or 12 in my adaption] stitches on the needle and 14 stitches on the holder. Working with the stitches on the needle, knit one, purl one, even for  10 rows [I use 13]. Leave these stitches on a spare needle. Now pick up the stitches from the holder and knit one, purl one, even for 10 rows.

Now you will join these two bands of knitting in the following way. Hold the two needles together, each with 14 stitches. Knit one from the first needle, one from the second, until all the stitches [22-24 in my adaption] are on one needle.”

Beginning to make the “tube”

Next, knit until the rest of the scarf (the part after the tube) measures 20-25 inches in length.

Bind off.

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