Charlie Chaplin’s Dirty Chores Rag

The place: Rock Valley College, Fall 2009

The Movie:Modern Times

The Mistake: I forgot my knitting needles and dishcloth patterns

Since I can’t watch a movie without knitting anymore, I ran to the craft store for knitting needles and yarn. I still didn’t have a pattern, so I cast on 34 stitches and worked in seed stitch (knit 1, purl 1) until the piece measured about 10 inches in length. The result was a tight-knit rag that could handle just about any chore without falling apart.

Top 10 Places to Knit a Dishcloth:

1. At a ballgame

In my case, it was a game at Miller Park. I showed up in a Cubs shirt carrying a Bears bag with no intention of following the score. Ah, how fortunate not to be good fistfight material.

2. At a family renunion

Nothing is more soothing when everyone is talking at once.

3. At a Greek restaurant while (ugh) waiting for food

If anybody spills anything later on, viola!

4. At any kind of church or office potluck/get-together

No, it’s not rude or “anti-social”. In Great-Grandmother’s day, it was considered perfectly normal to keep one’s hands busy while gabbing, socializing, gossiping, and unionizing. Now, it just makes a good conversation starter.

5. On a sixteen-hour bus ride to and from Mississippi

I’d use plastic needles for this one. You’ll probably be falling asleep on them.

6. On the plane

Once again, plastic needles are best. (Touchy ol’ TSA)

7. During slow periods at work

In my case, it was a tutoring job when I had no “tutees”, no homework, and no copies to make for the teacher across the hall. (Did that ever happen?)

8. In traffic jams

It works too well. You’ll be having so much fun knitting, you won’t even notice when the traffic starts moving  again.

9. At a historical re-enactment

Such as Civil War Days, Old Settler’s Days, etc. This is where I learned!

10. In the bodyshop waiting room

Must. Keep. Sane.

(This represents one improperly done strut job on a rainy Sunday morning.)

What are your favorite, least favorite, and most creative places to knit? Please comment below; I’d love to hear your stories!




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