Top Five Reasons to Give Hand-Knitted Gifts

Knit Gifts Post

1. Where would you rather be on Black Friday: At the mall fighting over the last of the hot whatevers, or on your couch knitting and watching Miracle on 34th street?

2. With just a little thinking outside the box, that hard-to-buy-for friend or relative can be easy to knit for.

3. Hand-knitted gifts are always appreciated.

4. Hand-knitted gifts are better for the environment than store-bought gifts. You can’t give too many on account of how much time they take to make, and people almost never throw them away.

5. Hand-knitted gifts are fun to make. Designing patterns, altering patterns, making things, and making them your own – this is what I was born to do! Once all the gifts are open and the surprise factor is over, I can start sharing some patterns here again.

(One word of warning though: Hand-knitting gifts can lead to what Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama called “Too much glitter, too much fluff, too much making too much stuff!” Especially when you start in September and make gifts for all the extended family too. It was fun once, but next year I think I’ll scale back to just making a few items instead of an elfin factory full.)

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