Felting Experiment

I’ve wanted to try felting ever since it was popular about 10 years ago. These rose pins were the perfect guinea pigs because it didn’t matter how much they shrunk.

Finished Roses Close Up

One set of instructions said to use a zippered pillowcase to wash the knitted items. I just tied a regular pillowcase with string. This is what happened:

Felted Mess in the Washer

Note to self, tennis balls disintegrate in hot water. Also, they weren’t fuzzy enough. I had to put them back in, using a zippered pillowcase along with the tennis balls and an old pair of jeans for more friction. I don’t remember who suggested the jeans, but they worked! This go round they came out fuzzy as an old man’s beard.


This is what they looked like after I dried them. They still had to be shaped and have the pin backs sewn on. A pretty involved process, but at least I finally made use of that hand-me-down yarn. Now to sell them at a craft fair! Will that part be harder yet?

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