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Who Dares Steal a Tiger’s Vestments?

Several shoppers at the craft show asked if my teddy bear sweaters fit American Girl dolls.  They don’t, but the question got me wondering if the sweaters would fit any other type of doll. Today, my two original Cabbage Patch … Continue reading

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A Glam Gown For Barbie*

Materials: Red Heart sport weight cotton yarn, and whatever this is: (Based on a picture I found on Etsy, I think it might be Plymouth Frizzato yarn. Any kind of short eyelash yarn would probably work.) Bodice: Cast on 18 … Continue reading

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Felting Experiment

I’ve wanted to try felting ever since it was popular about 10 years ago. These rose pins were the perfect guinea pigs because it didn’t matter how much they shrunk. One set of instructions said to use a zippered pillowcase … Continue reading

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Swimsuit for the First Day of Summer

Tiger Teddy Bathing Suit This Time it Worked! (Worked on Size 8 Needles with worsted weight cotton yarn) Front: Cast on 10 stitches Work in Stockinette stitch for 4 rows Row 5: Knit 1, knit twice into the second stitch, … Continue reading

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First Baby Afghan!

I know it’s been forever since I updated this blog, but I’ve got a good excuse. A good excuse in the form of a huge project. Ta-Da! I’ve made a couch-sized afghan before, but never a crib-sized one. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Knitting Doll on Duty

Ever used one of these? I haven’t, but have known of them for some time. At first I thought they were usually female, but apparently I’m wrong. My mom picked up this specimen at church when one of the older … Continue reading

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Top Five Reasons to Give Hand-Knitted Gifts

1. Where would you rather be on Black Friday: At the mall fighting over the last of the hot whatevers, or on your couch knitting and watching Miracle on 34th street? 2. With just a little thinking outside the box, … Continue reading

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