Knitting Doll on Duty

??????????Ever used one of these? I haven’t, but have known of them for some time. At first I thought they were usually female, but apparently I’m wrong. My mom picked up this specimen at church when one of the older ladies was moving and doing some ridding out. The base says he’s from Czechoslovakia, but he looks more like a British solider to me. Only soldiers don’t wear top hats. And why is he winking? Does he know something I don’t? Probably does. He’s much older than me, and like I said, I don’t even know how to work with him. But if anybody ever comes to steal my yarn, they’ll have one battle-hardened little sentry to deal with. Heads up, he’s about to shoot off one of those carpet tacks!

(P.S. Sorry for neglecting this blog for so long. It happens when you’re working on an afghan. I probably won’t post every week ever again, so should I shoot for every two weeks?)

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2 Responses to Knitting Doll on Duty

  1. Maz says:

    Hi, I just found your post today re this spool knitter. I am a collector and can tell you that this dates from the 1950’s and of course is made in Czechoslovakia. i have some of these but the only way I was able to get some sort of date was that a friend received one as a child and that was in the 50’s. They are quite distinctive with the way the eyes are painted and the colour of the legs and base. I am an Aussie and you can find me on – – I also have two groups – Yahoo Spoolknitter (which was passed on to me) and Flickr Spool Knitter.
    …. best wishes, Marian aka Maz in Oz

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